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Hseiang Pai International Co., Ltd.     Tel: +886-2-2718 0122     Fax: +886-2-2718 5995                                                                   Email: sales@hseiangpai.com

Hesiang Pai International is a solution provider and was established in 1998. We provide design solutions for worldwide business partners; which solutions are including Modern Electronics, Innovative Gadgets and Health Gears.

Hesiag Pai International provides design products with professional services to support business partners for doing local market developments. To make sure our service quality, we are engaged in cooperating with some selective manufacturers, mainly in Taiwan and partly in China.

By having the modern cooperating concept and our innovative design teamwork, we would like to build up the long-term relationship with you. And, we would vary flexible business models and diversify product solutions to make your company more profitable as what we aspired “the win-win-strategy is the best policy for business cooperation”.